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follow site Development of the Soul component in the human being is the main focus of Esoteric astrology. Letting a deeper energy influence one's consciousness leads to transform him into a 'Soul Infused' human who would consider life as soul oriented and would give not credence to the influence of the collective unawareness. Even though Esoteric astrology works for the enlightenment of the spiritual quality in a person, the practice of esoteric astrology still takes a cue only from the Sun, Moon and Ascendant to determine the basic principles and the chart comes in handy in the same way as it does for exoteric astrology.

The soul qualities of a person are studied and by virtue of the happenings due to the transits, the concepts to do with Soul's purpose and development are evaluated.

1. Three Basic Statements. - Part 1

For this purposes, the Sun is considered as the personality that the soul needs to be developed into; The Moon represents the inherent emotional state that a human is born with and the Ascendant, the goals inherent in the Soul's purpose. Other specific aspects of the soul infusion are dealt with by other planets. However planetary rulerships in esoteric astrology differ from that of conventional astrology. Instead of the house system, a system of crosses with highly individualized meanings and multiple levels of interpretation has been introduced.

Personality Mundane. The esoteric astrology employs a system of symbolic representation of pictogram and hieroglyphic with most of the mundane images to portray the complex inner realities. It believes nothing exists without being linked to images or concepts which lead, ultimately, to the divine. Mainly it traces an aspect from the horoscope to find out its divine origins. Aspect in esoteric astrology is not the angular relationship between the planets, but is a group of symbols combining the planets, signs, and houses.

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By exploring the aspect the personality could be led in a relevant and meaningful direction, according to the Soul's Purpose. Esoteric astrology incorporates many layers of study, dovetailing into other levels of astrology and the Seven Rays. The seven Rishis represented by the seven stars of the Great Bear are the originating sources of the seven rays of our solar system. The Rishis express themselves through the seven planets.

The planets are considered as their representatives.

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The ascendant conceals the hidden purpose of the Soul. To express this purpose successfully requires that the individual arrest the selfish tendencies engendered by the sun sign.

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From certain astrological angles, a similar process of decentralisation must take place and the solar system must no longer be regarded as a point around which the zodiac revolves or through which the sun passes in its great cycle of approximately 25, years. It is, therefore, capable of evoking the major response from the monads, and these monads express themselves through the kingdom of souls and through the human kingdom; it consequently expresses itself through the Hierarchy and through humanity as a whole. Planetary pictures involving Saturn would show that the individual is working on transferring energy from the sacral chakra to throat chakra and the planetary pictures involving Jupiter would show that the individual is transferring energy from the solar plexus chakra to the heart chakra. I have found that the most practical application of this triangle is in the selection of the most satisfying career. Without some awareness of who we really are we are not choosing, we are simply reacting.

This is achieved by first becoming conscious of these tendencies, then finding ways of redirecting them for the betterment of others. The planetary ruler of a sign could be considered the energetic representative of that sign. As such, the rulers of the ascendant, sun and moon signs play a pivotal role in esoteric interpretation. However, in addition to using traditional rulers when reading a natal chart, an esoteric astrologer will use a second tier of planetary rulers as well.

These rulers are referred to as the esoteric rulers, and represent the higher qualities of the sign they rule. For example, the traditional ruler of Gemini is Mercury, yet its esoteric ruler is Venus. An Esoteric Astrologer will usually interpret a chart using the esoteric ruler for the ascendant and the traditional rulers for the sun and moon signs. A foundational principle in the Ageless Wisdom is that all of creation is based on the interaction of seven great streams of energy. Usually called the Seven Rays , these energies pour into our solar system and condition all life upon planet Earth.

Each ray is of a different nature, therefore conditioning humanity with different qualities of spirit. In fact, the ancient teaching on this subject reveals that these rays are the most fundamental qualities within all of cosmos. Though it is not possible within this writing to convey details about these rays, their names reveal much about their nature. Most important to our subject, these Seven Rays come into our solar system via the twelve signs of the zodiac. Each ray expresses itself through three signs.

As can be seen in the chart below, some signs transmit only a single ray, while others radiate two or three.

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Ray 1: Aries, Leo, Capricorn. Because the Seven Rays are at the root of human existence, Esoteric Astrology puts much emphasis upon them when interpreting a chart. Essentially they reveal the highest qualities seeking expression through a sign.


This is particularly true when considering the ascendant and sun sign. As noted above, there are a wide variety of effective methods by which to come into a deeper understanding of the Soul and its purpose. One of these methods is through the use of Esoteric Astrology. Though it is a form of astrology that is only in its infancy, it has its roots in ancient Trans-Himalayan Wisdom, and is considered by many to be the emerging paradigm in the field of astrology. It is a system that brings one to a much deeper understanding of the profound meaning hidden within the zodiacal wheel, and reveals the higher potential offered in each astrological sign.

Most importantly, the hidden purpose of the Soul can be unveiled through the esoteric approach. When this is revealed and acted upon, the Soul can then shine forth, and will do so without encumberment. So what if you have the ascendant and moon in the same sign?

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Mine are both in Gemini. Am I blocking my own possibilities then? Because both your moon and rising are in Gemini, this energy is particularly emphasized for you during your lifetime. I tend to think of this configuration as the moon holding the energy of your prison as well as your liberation and spiritual purpose your ascendant.

One way to understand this is that it indicates an opportunity to transform the shadow un-evolved aspects of Gemini into their highest spiritual expression. You might want to check our our course — Spiritual Astrology. It dives into this in more detail. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.

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Who is Esoteric Astrology For? We shall therefore discuss four aspects of Esoteric Astrology. The Importance of the Sun, Moon and Ascendant Rising Sign It is safe to say that in traditional astrology, the sun, moon and rising signs are foundational to astrological interpretation and deduction. Understanding the Sun Sign In addition to the rising sign, the sun sign is extremely important as well. Understanding the Moon Sign The moon sign, on the other hand, is the great nemesis to the Soul.

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Esoteric Spiritual Horoscope for October by Aluna Michaels, M.A. Exciting Mars is in your sign for two months, giving energy and courage to make powerful changes. Aquarius (Jan. 20 – Feb. 18) — Consistent meditation and positive thoughts change your brain and shift your attitude!. Esoteric Astrology is sometimes called Soul based Astrology, and can be described as the study of Universal Principles. It draws on the teachings of Ancient.

The Esoteric Planetary Rulers The planetary ruler of a sign could be considered the energetic representative of that sign. The Use of the Seven Rays of Divine Manifestation A foundational principle in the Ageless Wisdom is that all of creation is based on the interaction of seven great streams of energy. Facebook Twitter Pinterest Email. About the Author: William Meader. William Meader has established an international reputation for his gift as a teacher of Esoteric Philosophy. His international lecture schedule provides a diverse array of workshops and lectures devoted to nurturing a deeper understanding of the spiritual path and the spiritual evolution of humanity as well as global perspectives.

His work, often described as a 'next step' in spiritual development, is designed to assist his students in the development of the higher abstract mind in order to better develop the capacity to take direction from the soul and establish rapport with the inner master or ashram.

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