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GotoHoroscope Visit website. See more. Free daily Horoscope Tarot card reading. Leo Horoscope - Leo Daily Horoscope free app. Sun Signs: Horoscopes. Daily horoscopes, moon readings and birth charts all based on your sun sign! Horoscopes by Astrology. Horoscopes from Astrology. But can't take steps forward for any works. Who is perfect soulmate for me.

Thriveni My date of birth is i married a Libra guy is this relationship will last? Virgo girl I I am a Virgo girl 19 years of age not I'm with a Virgo guy we been having our ups not downs but for sum reason he does trust me.

Ashley im a virgo, and anytime any sorta love emotion happens i try to push it away, even though i want a relationship, im also afraid of getting hurt in the process, i wish i wasnt so indecisive. Melissa Same here. Pushed people away because of the fear of getting hurt. First, with a capricorn male who is really kind and emotionally stable. Then years after with a taurus male who is also kind, stable and someone who gets me. Maybe a lesson for us virgo people is just to stop over analyzing and just let go of fear. Im on my mid 30s now and still single.

Concepcion I'm a Taurus F. Virgos are Logical which I admired. Because you guys make a decision based logic not emotions.

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But if maybe give the notion to this thought. Love is based on matters of the Heart not by Mind. Joyce I'm a Virgo. I am the same Ashley.

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Barbara j Today was bless did my errands back home to my two favorite people my man an my dog lol. Gemini October Monthly Horoscope. Clara This year is not for me maybe next year things will turn better for me. Easy going Librans like everything to run smoothly, and hate discord. Libra Daily Horoscope. Aquarius Jan 22 - Feb It is necessary to mention that Virgos will feel an upsurge of energy, and that's why you will start working harder than before.

I get intimate and push it away. I regret having pushed away a Capricorn 5 years ago who I still care for to this day. Two years ago he contacted me, but I still was afraid to say all I felt. Consequently, we did not make a connection. Now he lives in my hometown, where I've moved away from years ago. Funny how life is. Who knows what's in store.

Though he was not perfect, he was emotionally and spiritually perfect for me. Logic can get in the way as Concepcion has stated with Virgos.

I ran when I let logic and knee jerk reactions to potential problems throw me. I've worked on my self in this time, and know communication is a must. Even if telling how unconfortable I am we matters of the heart, and I naturally run from being scared of getting hurt.

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Ashley, Virgos like us hurt ourselves because of our fear when we hold back. Better to be in motion and enjoying a true connection because hurts come in any relationship Mother, Brother, Father, Fiend etc. The thing to remember is that Joy comes in those same relationships.

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And the love and joy that we miss by disconnecting to our true desire to have a relationship is all we are stuck with. Time to make cherished memories. Love and follow through to discover joy. As the saying goes Love like you can't be hurt. Now That's Living! Rk Maybe just me but most virgos I kno end up cheating because of this reason. The concerned So, did you got over him? EvileDNA It's not about now. If you can make him respect you then you could stay.


THEN, ask yourself how you think you'll feel in six months. Then twelve months from now about it Then ask yourself what you need. Your feelings will have been lost in the shuffle; don't lose sight of them. Have fun! Virgo Virgo born August 24, married for over 31 years to Taurus born April Amazing husband and dad. We had an awesome life together. Last 2 years he had an affair With a cancer woman 28 years younger.

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Came back home 2 months ago after going back and forth between me and mistress but he is sad and reserved. Will it last? Should I let him go? I love him a lot.

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He claims he loves me too. Ima Virgo Let go remain friends! No need to be miserable. Life is too short for the Bull. Megan I'm so sorry this has happened to you. You have given this man 31 years!!! We share the same birthday and it's been a hard year for our hearts. I only ask you to think about the fact that he has betrayed you in the worst way imaginable.

He has turned his back on your 31 years in exchange for his loins. Your soul knows what to do Never walk away if your not ready! I'm so sorry this was done to you. VirgoToo No you should not take him back. Jackie Leave. Run, don't walk. All circumstances against. Didn't change my feelings for him at all. Will we have a real chance?

George I'm virgo too don't trip just give some time don't trip if she's in love with u he will get back on track. Virgo guys are like that or worst in the some way but talking helps. Not fighting. VirgoNation I'm a Virgo born September 13, dating a cancer born July 2, will things get better. Virgohope No. Get out while you can. Virgo girl Hi, I am a Virgo girl, in love with a Aries, he is very good.

He is passiate, loving and family oriente. I love that aries.

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