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The Concept of Badhakesh Please prove you are human by selecting the Truck. The ninth house as per astrological analysis is the house to bestow good luck for natives born in the ascendant of Taurus, Leo, Virgo, Sagittarius, Aquarius and Pisces. In Gemini and other cardinal signs such as Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn, the 5 th house and the 5 th lord is more auspicious and it give better results.

The classical astrological texts depicts that the 9 th house from the 9 th Bhava, i. This holds good for the non-cardinal signs. Let us look at these ascendants one by one. Saturn is the lord of 9 th and 10 th lord and is yoga karaka and the chief ruler of good luck and fortune.

Badhak Graha - Badhak Planets

Mercury is the ruler of 5 th and 2 nd house. The 9 th house,a nd the 9 th and the 4 th lord Mars is yigakaraka. The 8 th house and the 5 th lord Jupiter may not bring misfortune. The 3 rd house and 3 rd lord Venus may bring misfortune. The 9 th house and the 9 th and the 2 nd lord Venus are yogakaraka. The 8 th house and the 3 rd lord Mars are rulers of misfortune. The 9 th house and the 9 th lord Moon rule over the luck.

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The 8 th house and 8 th lord Mercury rule over misfortune. The 3 rd house and 3 rd lord Saturn are badhaka. The 9 th house and the 9 th lord are Sun, the ruler of luck and fortune. The 8 th house and the 8 th lord are Moon and are inauspicious. The 7 th lord and 7 th lord Mercury are badhaka. Wear Yellow Sapphire and Topaz. Avoid wearing Diamond, Blue Sapphire and Emerald. The 9 th house and the 9 th lord are Venus and bring good luck. The 8 th house and 8 th lord Mercury cannot be consider bringing misfortune.

The 3 rd house and the 3 rd lord Mars are bhadaka. The 9 th house and the 9 th and the 2 nd lord Mars are rulers of good luck and fortune. The 7 th house and 7 th lord are the badhaka or hurdels. In other five remaining ascendants namely Aries, Gemini, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn, the 9th lord rules over the Trikon houses 6, 8,12 too. So it is not dependable for promoting good fortune of the native. However, it does not mean that the 9th house and the 9th lord are not instrumental in bringing about good fortune.

They cause only moderate results in a few cases and in some cases they may give mixed results. The 5 th Lord is Sun bringing good fortune than the 9 th and the 12 th lord Jupiter.


Navamansa chart and lastly the relevant divisional chart. Based on the nature of influences on Rahu, the serpents can be of various types. The specific form is called Ranthu kma and Hanthu or Bali kma are not present in the chart. Rahu is stronger than Saturn to deliver the evil results of Saturn, as nodes of the moon Rahu and Ketu are always more powerful than the planets they represent to deliver good or bad results indicated by those planets. When Saturn is malefic and is associated with planets causing death or with the lord of the 3rd or the 11th house then Saturn becomes the prime effective maraka to cause death.

The 5 th lord and the 10 th lord Mars are yogakaraka. The 8 th house and 8 th lord Saturn will bring misfortune.


Wear Red Coral and Pearl. Do not wear Blue Sapphire and Diamond or their substitutes. The 5 th and the 4 th lord are Saturn, so it is yogakaraka.

The 9 th and the 12 th lord Mercury is not fortunate enough. The 11 th house and the lord of 11 th is badhaka planet. Wear Blue Sapphire if Saturn is weak, otherwise wear Firoza for good luck. The 5 th and the 10 th lord Venus gives good fortune. Success is when skill meets opportunity. Failure is when fantasy meets reality.

Categorization of astrological signs on the basis of Ascendant

In this horoscope Yogakaraka Mars is well placed in an Upachaya Sthana. Regards j. Badhak in 12 th is good. Om Namah Shivaya Dear Parthasarathy badhaka associating with 6th house is not good, as it gives lot of pain and suffering. Generally badhaka in 12th house gives very good results, example being PV Narasimha rao our ex prime minister. Were there any examples, charts etc provided by Mr. Parthasarathy to illustrate his claim? Knowing how thorough you are you would have posted that information but I thought I should ask anyway.

My badhaka lord is in 12th, and i have the first hand, hands on experience of the fact , that it is good in the 12th.

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I have a sagitarius lagna and mercury the lord of 7th and 10th is in 12th. For this we consult the Purana where Saturn wanted to learn the dharma shastra and approached Brihaspati. Initially Brihaspati explained the system in his ashram and the dakshina would be based on his judgment. On learning of the latters identity as 'Sanideva' Brihaspati was shocked and was prepared to teach everything and would not take any dakshina and begged that he be spared from sade-sati, kanataka and all those effects.

Vedic Astrology - Jyotish

Similarly alone Maraka/Badhaka can’t provide malefic results until it is connected with malefic planets/houses. Maraka Example - For a Aries ascendant, Venus is strong Maraka as it owns both 2nd & 7th (Maraka) houses. What is the Badhak planet in Vedic astrology?. Some of the eminent astrologrs have written their findings about Badhakas and complications created by the Badhaka planets.A very prominent astrologer of.

Sanidev was adamant and insisted that he would give dakshina. So it was finally settled that the dakshina would be in the form of a reduced term of sadesati. Brihaspati taught him all the dharma shastra and Sanidev became the Dharmaraja having the complete knowledge of the implementation of justice that is why the balance Libra is the ninth house from Aquarius. One day as he plucked flowers for his daily worship, the royal couple were in the neighborhood and the prince Mercury entered the garden to play.

The prince was missing after sometime and a frantic search yielded nothing. The guards reported to the king that a divine person, glowing with spiritual light was collecting flowers and they saw blood dripping through the basket. The king ordered that the person Brihaspati be brought to him and told the guards not to harm him as it would be most unwise to even touch such a personality before ascertaining the truth. The wise king knew the danger to his kingdom if such great spiritual personalities are hurt.

The severed head of the prince was in the basket and blood was dripping from the neck note: chinna mastaka or cut-head is the mark of Rahu. Brihaspati was shocked and truthfully pleaded his innocense. But the evidence clearly visible pointed against him, so he was held captive but was not tortured and the search continued.

The period ended then and there and suddenly everyone saw that what looked like the head of the prince was just the watermelon and the red fluid was not blood and instead was the red water melon juice. The prince was found Now look at the Jyotish lessons in this: When Saturn causes sade-sati, or kantaka or has a bad dasa, and the dosha error is to be caused by the hand of extra-terrestrial forces, then it is called 'Adrista agantuta roga'.

Prasna Marga advises us to look at the badhak for this as the object or the cause. This can also be related to planets in badhak house. The difference is that in the case of badhak lord, we take the natual significations whereas in the case of planets in the badhak house, we see the lordships of there planets w. In general Rahu indicates a severed head, and that evidence was shown to the king against Brihaspati. Look at the sign occupied by Rahu to see the nature of the evidence as dhatu, moola and jiva as well as the the chara karaka status of Rahu.

The Arudha Padas conjoined Rahu shall indicate the people who will give the evidence. Parasara teaches that if Jupiter is strong and alone in Lagna, then a single bow to the weilder of the Trishula shall destroy a thousand sins. In this episode narrated in the Purana we see how such a prayer to the lord of Sani - Vayu tatva- Lord Shiva by Brihaspati ended the entire problem. Kalyana Verma teaches that if Jupiter is strong in Lagna then the native is always protected by the 'Chakradhara'. In this episode we see how Brihaspati is always proteced by the three mantras of the Narayana Kavacha.

This is the abhedana kavacha. Coming to the point of how this intelligence works, a lot depends on what the lagna is when Jupiter is in Aquairus. In general the traits of Saturn's office as detatched thinking, ignoring pain and suffering and viewing this with the eyes of a stoic, pondering beyond known limits for any serious question thereby arriving at very original solutions etc.

Sometimes they may seem most cold blooded as this can be caused by their ability to supress and ignore pain like Rambo in the movie. Saturn is an old planet and Jupiter in this sign indicates the intelligence used is like that of old men - with lots of experience, memory, philosophy and thinking going into it. The ability to ponder causes Brahma yoga and the best of philosophers, scientists, mathematical genius minds not computation ability but astract mathematics are shown in this sign with the influence of Jupiter.

The big difference with Capricorn is that the Saturn is a worker and is bad at home. His worst qualities show up when he is at home. That is why he likes to go away from home gets digbala in 7th house , is very down to eath and demands total physical evidence of the existance of God and things like that. The intellect refuses to believe anything or anybody without at least adequate circumstantial evidence whereas Aquarius is an airy sign and is very intellectual.

Jupiter here gives the ability to mentally exert themselves Best Regards, Venkateswara Reddy Dear Venkateswara, Let us start listing the remedies we have to do for different house placement sof the Badhakesh and only in the 12th house is it mentioned that no remedy is required. Thus, this is the best placement by itself. If Jupiter is alone, all the more better. Taken from. Article on narayan dasa by surjit poddar. The link www. Classics mention that the 11th for movable signs, 9th for fixed signs and 7th for dual signs are the Badhaka Obstruction places.

Badhak Graha - Badhak Planets

Rath says that malefics in Badhaka cause sorrow, misfortune imprisonment and diseases depending on their nature for examples Saturn can show troubles due to servants, Mars from litigation and accidents, whereas Sun can show troubles from influential people or the government.