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Numerology and Spiritual Significance of November 2018

alpardi.tk/map4.php By studying and attuning to these numbers, numerologists have been able to discover the secrets behind each number and what they may mean. From a spiritual perspective, 11 has always been a number associated with higher realms. Even the number itself looks like two pillars or two portals- this world and the next.

All through November, we can tap into this higher vibration and access Divine realms with greater ease.

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We may find more progress when we meditate and when we take actions to enhance our level of consciousness. This is further amplified in , because this year holds the vibration of number 11 as well.

Every path has primary and secondary influences

Truly, unbelievable personalities.. These gems also promote the healthy growth of your young sons and daughters. The areas of your body you need to take care of are your right eye, the gall bladder, spine and blood circulation. So happy to see you here. Thus, they assume the risk of losing touch with prevailing social values. Weakenesses: Preoccupied. Once again, I enjoy listening to your podcasts.

This adds to the potency, and gives this month a slightly different flavor. The numerological code for this day is This is a highly creative day that indicates a great power and potential to manifest and to create your wildest dreams.

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This is a day where our thoughts carry accelerated power and we may even be able to see our thoughts manifesting in real time. Our thoughts color and shape the world around us, but on this day, if we really tune our thoughts to a higher vibration, we can enhance our ability to manifest our greatest dreams and desires. On this day, spend time visualizing what you desire. Make a vision board or set an intention out into the Universe. Also, remember to practice gratitude, for this is the quickest way we can tune into abundance and our ability to manifest our thoughts into reality.

November 1st is also an extremely powerful day to honor the spirit world and to connect with spirit guides and angels. Any action taken on this day to connect to the other side is likely to be powerful. The numerological code for this day is and amplifies the energy of November 1st to a whole new level.

This day is also wonderful for manifesting, intention setting, and connecting with the spirit world, but it is also an extremely powerful day for healing. On this day, we really have the potential to heal our bodies, minds, hearts, and souls on every level. Any focused effort to bring healing into our lives will be amplified, and we are likely to feel the effects on a deeper level.

Ohhhhh girl! YOU a 11 Life Path! You HAVE to be aligned with your big paradigm-shifting purpose to feel fulfilled in relationship. If master paths are not doing their great work they often feel like no matter who they are with, they are never satisfied. Are you being an inspirational messenger standing out and embracing your unique and original insights? Tread that unique path or take the next step towards it and your magnetism will go through the roof!

How do I find a partner I can truly trust?

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Hey girl! Make sure to write out a list of the top 5 qualities you are looking for in a partner trustworthy as one of them and then start communicating that desire to people in your life. Friends, family, acquaintances. Amazingness will happen. Your podcasts resonate with me and its because of your passion and love for all things numbers resonates.

Your story weaving into the forecasts captivates our interest and we learn something new too. On point. Veena Devaya February 17, Awe the time zone difference only let me be comment number Chene Stevens 19 November Thank you so much for this podcast! The difficult part of this is that my partner will not understand what I am saying or even pay attention.

The last year I discovered myself and now when I know who I am and what I need I feel like in a prison. We are too far from each other so probably I need to break free. Always to learn something from you, Nat, thank you!

Born on the 19th of November - Happy Birthday!

Well I just listened to this now. It was a great podcast. It also totally makes sense. Good job Nat!

I am a Life Path 7. Would love to do a private session with you perhaps later in May. Love and adore you so much. So happy to see you here. I'll look into it. I adore you, too. Numerology is one beautiful concept for future prediction. We are all more curious to know what happens next and numerology has a big role in this part. Thank you for sharing. Hi Nat! I just discovered Numerology yesterday and I was surprised that it has been accurate… that I have just been in a long-term relationship but has now ended just 2 months ago.

When I checked, our numbers are not compatible. And it was also mentioned in my numerology result that my ex was not the one for me… and that I will meet my match later on in life. I still love my ex so much, do you think I should work it out or find someone who is my match? Thanks in advance! Hey Dane! Thanks for the comment.

I believe that Numerology is a gift from the Creator to learn how we best love others and how to best be loved by others. I will be publishing more content on this idea in the future, so stay tuned!

How to Calculate Your Numerology Birth Path

This is really awesome, Nat! I am impressed! Indeed, numerology can help us understand and see life in a totally different perspective most especially in love! I hope to hear more from you, Nat! Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. View Larger Image.